What is MindProof?

MindProof is a 24/hour gym, but for the mind.

While we go to the gym to get those biceps or six pack, many of us fail to recognize that our mental strength is just as important as our physical stamina. In reality, the strength of our own mind is crucial if we want to follow our heart and mind to do what we want to do and be with the person who we want to be with. Ironically, it may even get us the body that we want.

MindProof is a place not only to inspire and motivate, but to also help challenge your limiting self-beliefs. It is a place where I hope you will be able to observe your experiences without judgement, let go of your ego, gain self-worth and love, and learn to live in the present.

So, are you ready to work out together?

<3 Joanna Mark


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